Regulations for pets

Hotel Rio Guarujá

Bellow our regulation to provide a nice and calm stay with the hotel and all the guests

1- We accept one pet per apartment, just the smaller breeds (under 10 kg) and older than 12 months. We don’t accept breeds that can be considered dangerous to the other animals and people.
2 – A daily fee will be charged for the pet’s stay. (See Values)
3 – The pet stays at the hotel with its owner in the rooms located at the terrace in the external area.
4 – It is indispensable to send us the vaccination records at the moment of the reservation.
5 – The pets can not go to the common areas of the hotel.
6 – They must use their collars and they also must be with their owners.
7 – It is better that the pet (dog) is used to be alone at the apartment, without barking or cry in case the owner leaves the hotel. The owner absence can not be longer to avoid the barking or cry.
8 – The cleaning and hygiene of the area that is used for the animal is responsibility of the pet’s owner. All the equipment that is necessary for that, should be brought for the owner, as recipient for food and for water, bed, hygienic carpet and toys.
9 – The daily cleaning of the apartment will be made by the absence of the pet (just the necessary time to the services, considering the pet can be unfriendly with the chambermaids, or also scape from them).
10 – It is indispensable the dog knows how to use the hygienic carpet in order to not mess the hotel social areas.
11 – The pet’s owner gives the guarantee that the vaccination is all done and be conscious that the records can be solicited at the check in.
12 – It is not allowed that the pet use the towels or hotel sheet’s.
13 – If the pet damage something, like furniture’s, sheets, pillows, mattresses, towels etc, it will be charged.
14 – Any problem caused by the animal is totally owner’s responsibility and must be solved for them.